Advice 1: How to achieve relief of muscle

Pronounced relief of the muscles is the result of integrated work on his body. In addition to physical training, fitness exercises and the use of vitamins and proteins important aspect is a special Diet of carbohydrate alternation, aimed at reducing body fat mass and increase muscle mass.
How to achieve relief of muscle
Among athletes, body builders popular "drying" of the body, i.e. getting rid of the fat component with an increase in muscle mass. Usually this effect is achieved by low-calorie and low-carb diets, but with the addition of exercise. Despite the positive external effect: increase of relief, such a diet is harmful to the body, because carbohydrates – the main source of our energy. Abandoning them, the faster an athlete loses strength during workouts and harm my body. Correct "drying" only manipulates the amount of carbohydrates consumed, but does not eliminate them. In this case physical load are also distributed depending on the day diet.
Diet of carbohydrate alternation saves energy for intensive weight training. It accelerates the metabolism, helping the development of the body. Eating fruits, vegetables and natural protein products positively affect the General condition of the body, and the lack of strict restrictions in food does not strain the nervous system.
Diet of carbohydrate alternation involves only the use of fresh, natural ingredients. The permanent menu. Food should be varied, full of vitamins and minerals, but appropriate under the principles of carbohydrate alternation. Alcohol and sweets are totally eliminated.
Principles of the diet of carbohydrate alternation.
The main role in this diet is given ongoing manipulation of carbohydrate intake. For example, do you take to lose weight two months. This piece you are sharing on four-day cycles. The first and second days of this cycle - low carb, protein intake at the level of 3-4 grams per kilogram of body weight, while consumption of carbohydrates is 1 to 1. 5 grams. Third day - high carbohydrate, carbohydrates can be 5 -6 grams per kilogram of body weight, the intake of protein can be reduced to 1 -1. 5 grams. The fourth day moderate: protein intake of 2-2. 5 grams per kilogram of body weight of carbohydrates to 2-3 grams. Ideally such a diet should be your principle of life and to continue even when the result will be achieved.
Physical activity during the diet of carbohydrate alternation is not reduced, but merely regulated. Because carbohydrates give a lot of energy and calories, carbohydrate days diet will be the most intense in working with the body: do strength exercises. Protein days include moderate exercise: fit aerobics and Jogging. The correct "drying" the athlete not only loses a few pounds of fat, but and increase muscle at the expense of proteins and strength training. Consequently, the musclesyou gain a distinct topography.

Advice 2: How to develop muscle mass

To gain muscle mass, just increase the power load is insufficient. People can engage in virtually every day, and muscles don't grow. The other goes to the gym once or twice a week and gaining muscle mass. How to build good muscles?
To build muscle, you need to properly train and eat
Those who want to quickly build muscle and lose excess fat, going to be disappointed. In the body, from the point of view of the formation of fabrics, there may be two "modes": anabolic and catabolic. The first is characterized by the growth of tissues and the second is their destruction. The body can't rapidly burn fat and build muscle.
To build muscle you need to train. But not to fatigue, because in this state, the body weight is always decreasing. You have to train to relax a sufficient amount of time. Of particular importance is sleep. During deep sleep the metabolism slows down and it's the perfect time for muscle growth. It is best to train approximately 2 times a week.
Between exercises do intervals, or do them so: 5 seconds the exercise of force, 5 seconds rest. And again the same thing. The necessary anaerobic load, this should eliminate cardio exercises. First promote the growth of muscle mass, and the second reduction.
Plays a huge role proper nutrition. Conventional food is insufficient. Useful for increasing muscle mass products: boiled chicken, lean beef, bread from wheat flour, brown rice, pasta, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh juice.
The average caloric content of food consumed by a person per day is 2000-2500 kcal. You, as a bodybuilder, it would be enough. But to dramatically increase caloric intake is impossible. Not every stomach to cope with the increased load, some risk of ruining your digestive system, so long will have to restore it, including in hospitals. Start with what you add to your normal 100ккал. When a week goes by, check to see if increased fat layer. If not, you can add another 100 kcal, and so on until you notice a slight increase. Here we should stop and more than the daily amount of food did not increase. Now, with proper training and food, muscle mass begins to grow.
It is very important to increase the number of calories correctly. If you build big muscles, but it will grow a layer of fat, it will look much worse than muscles a little bit smaller, but clear and not puffy.
Useful advice
Many people in sedentary work the muscles of the stomach over time, lose their elasticity and ability to contract. Therefore, the liquid food is digested is better than solid. Increasing caloric intake, help your stomach deal with it – prefer purees and cereal solid food.
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