You will need
  • - your passport;
  • - statement of the unified forms;
  • - construction certificate and construction permit.
Contact BTI. Complete the application form of the proposed form. Present your passport, civil passport. Pay the ticket for the visit of technical staff of the accounting object. You name the date, when the specialist from the Department of BTI will come for inspection of the structure.
Within the specified period, you will attend technical officer of BTI, carry out the necessary work on the basis of which on the property will be technical documents, produce a technical description of the house.
After a certain period of time, and it can be different in different regions of Russia, your house will put on the cadastral registration, will issue the cadastral certificate and cadastral plan. If the building has no number and address, additionally you will receive the documents on has the address and room. This is done also in the BTI.
Of certificates you can get a statement and a copy of the cadastral plan for the registration of ownership of the newly created object.
If your house was built without a permit and is unscheduled building, which was erected before October 30, 2001, you can put it on the cadastral account and to issue title in a simplified manner, guided by Federal law No. 93. Please contact BTI, please complete the statement of the unified forms, specify in it that the house unannounced. You will come to techniques that will produce a list of necessary work, based on which the house will issue cadastral passport, the plan, will assign the housefrom room. Take the extract from the cadastral passport and copy of cadastral plan and register their ownership rights in PPRC.
If your house is an illegal building erected after October 30, 2001, to put it in the cadastral register, contact the court of Arbitration. BTI will put the house on record only in the presence of a court decision. Then you will be able to register the rights of ownership.