Services on registration of apartments in the property offer real estate Agency and often the developer himself. Plus the time savings, minus additional costs. Therefore, many settlers prefer to arrange their own apartment. The money saved is better to buy furniture in the new house.

First of all, you need to contact the developer transfer act. Carefully check all the information listed there. Trivial typo can lead to serious consequences.

The next step will be your trip to the BTI. There, on the basis of the transfer act and dogovoreno construction company, you will make a floor plan and explication of the apartment. To do this, at a prearranged time, it will leave you a specialist to measure the area. All walls and partitions must conform to the original plan of the developer. Any redevelopment should be legalized before applying to BTI. The cost of this service in Moscow oblasti area of 10,000 rubles.

Followed by the Management of the Federal Registration service. A list of all of the above documents and their copies, paying the state duty in the amount of 500 rubles, you have to stand in a long line to turn them in for consideration. In some areas, introduced an electronic queue, which saves time and nerves seeking.

Usually the day of delivery of documents is assigned and the date of receipt of the certificate of registration. The maximum term of consideration of the application or thirty days. But this is the ideal. Keep in mind that the unrecorded circumstances to the mortgage, other encumbrance, execution of several owners, may require additional documents. It is better to consult a specialist there, in management. Will tell you what you may need in your case. By performing all the actions slowly and gradually you will soon reward yourself cherished residence in a private apartment.