You will need
  • - copy of cadastral plan of the plot or structure;
  • - inventory of the site certified to the Board of horticulture;
  • - the decision of the district administration;
  • - a statement in regcenter;
  • receipt of payment for registration.
If you want to register the rights of ownership of unauthorized buildings, constructed prior to 2001, contact the BTI, send a request to call a technician. Your structures look, they make up the technical plan and will issue cadastral passport, will receive a copy of the cadastral plan.
Contact EHRC, write a statement on a prescribed form, which will be given in rescentre. Present your passport, a copy of the cadastral plan. On the basis of submitted documents your ownership rights shall register and issue a certificate of ownership to an unauthorized structure.
To register ownership rights to land obtained before 2001 and for which there are no documents, get in EGRC form on which you make an inventory of the site. Call the engineer on cadastre of FCCC. Expert will provide a list of required works and will give you the documents. Register them in the same center and get a copy of the cadastral plan for the plot.
Contact the Board of horticulture, will present an inventory of the site and obtained a copy of the cadastral plan, you will put on the inventory stamp and signature of the Chairman of the horticultural Association.
With all documents, contact your local authority, write a statement about the transfer of land property. You will be given a decree signed by the head of the district administration.
Contact EHRC, complete the application on the proposed form, present your valid passport, an inventory of the site stamped and signed, the judgment of the administration, a copy of the cadastral plan. After 30 days you will receive a certificate of ownership of the land.
On all the buildings, which were built after October 30, 2001 should be a building permit issued by the district Department of architecture and urban planning. For all phases, obtained or acquired after October 30, 2001, you need to have legal documents. Since the data registration is performed in a General manner and does not fall under the simplified procedure.