After you complete these fields, go to the second tab, which includes the Declaration of immovable property. It's called "object". In this section you need to specify the building (house, garage or something else.
In the third section of the Declaration it is necessary to clarify whether the residential or non-residential.
In the fourth section, indicate the cadastral number of the land on which the immovable property.
The fifth section is one of the most voluminous. When filling be careful. Specify the exact area of the real object, on which floor it is located, whether there are underground floors. Fill in the "year of creation". The Declaration further suggests types of material of construction of immovable property. Your object can be made of brick, concrete, wood, wood and stone, metal. If you have not found the right material, then check the box next to the option "Other". Now fill in the field which identifies the network ITO (engineering). If the property is connected to electricity, water, gas, heating, tick the options.
The sixth section of the Declaration contains information on the right holder of the immovable property. Fill in your details: name, date of birth, gender, citizenship, type of document, which certifies the identity and its series and number. In addition, please indicate when and by whom the document was issued. After you need to fill in the VAT number and the full name of the legal entity, if any.

Now fill the column OGRN, date of state registration, the country of registration, date and number of registration, address of the owner, postcode, the subject of the Russian Federation, district, city, settlement, street, house number (building), address in country of registration.
The last section of the Declaration of rights to real estate contains information on the equity ownership of the property. At the end of document you will need to sign and date.

All the information you filled must be correct.