First, it should be noted that before you destroy the documents you have to hold their inventory, that is, to double-check all dates, availability, and privacy. Sushestvujut documents that should not just throw away, and burn (or be destroyed in the shredder), so as not to divulge commercial secrets.
Be sure to make an inventory of documents subject to disposal. Also by order designate persons who will be included in expert Commission. Among them, highlight a Chairman, responsible for the transmission of documents to the accounting Department.
He act about the disposal of documents that have completed the limitation period, has no unified form. So you can make it in any form.
First, specify the details of the organization, they can be located in the upper right corner and in the left. Here, specify the name of the organization according to constituent documents of the structural division, Bank details, address and contacts.
Just below on the right, write "Claim", below the point of the head and leave the field under his signature and the date of preparation.
Below in the center write "Act on the allocation and destruction of documents, the retention period has expired". Then the line below to specify the basis, that is, order (order) of the head. Then list the people the expert Commission showing the names and positions.
Next, write about this text: "the Commission of experts, guided (list, list) allocated to the destruction of documents, lost the Statute of limitations." Next, enter the data in a table which must contain columns such as serial number, date of document, title, explanation, the number of documents the document number in the list (the list).
After the table summarize, that is, specify the number of documents subject to disposal. Further, the act must be signed by all the members of the Commission. And the President has to sign off on the fact that the documents in their entirety will be sent for recycling. At the end of the date of drawing up and staple all the blue seal of the organization.