You will need
  • The conduct of write-offs require printing of the act of cancellation in duplicate. In addition, it is necessary to collect a Commission of not less than three persons.
Fill in the form actand write off the values that should be written off. Allows if statements in one acte you can specify multiple points.
Complete the column "initial cost". In order that the figure was accurate, it is necessary to find the book values at the date of adoption of the values on the balance sheet. Also, there may be listed the price after the revaluation (if you are subject to cancellation fixed assets of the enterprise), the so-called replacement cost.
Fill in the column "Amount of accumulated depreciation (wear)". Here you should indicate the amount of wear since commissioning, plus costs write-down of assets, and the amount of assets that you may have received during the dismantling of decommissioned equipment.
Fill in the details of the write-down in the inventory book and the Ledger of wealth. This must be done directly at the time of withdrawal to avoid confusion in the future.
Give the fee to sign both copies of the actand the cancellation and return one of them to the accounting Department. The second copy should be responsible for the material value of a person. As you fill in the act about the cancellation, it is likely that you have.