Before to make the act of write-off, inventory the goods. To do this, issue an order, appoint the members of the Commission and approve the date. The results of the audit will be issued in the inventory, which has a unified form n INV-3.
Make a report in triplicate, one of which will remain with the accountant, and the second will be passed to a structural unit, and the third will go to the materially responsible person. You will see that the document consists of two pages.
Fill out the top form TORG-16, that is, specify the full name of your company, structural division. Make a basis for the preparation of the report, for example, the order. In the small table located to the right, enter the corresponding codes.
Just below, specify the sequence number of the document and the date of its publication. Continue completing the table. Here you need to specify information about retiring the product.
In the first column indicate the date of receipt of the goods to the warehouse, the next date of cancellation. Write the number and date of invoice, which recorded the receipt of these products. In the fifth column, list the reasons that caused the cancellation of the product; put the following code.
In the following table, enter more detailed information about the products. Enter a name; select the units of measurement (e.g., piece); write the unit ID specified in the qualifier. The following graphs indicate the number of pieces, weight, price per unit and the total cost of deductible goods.
After the table summarize. Sign the act of writing off the President, members of the Commission, materially-responsible person. Next, secure the decision of the head, for example: "to Recover the loss from the damaged goods with a materially-responsible person." Put the blue seal of the organization.