For most products there is no single approved form of act for relief – auction-16. Fill in all required fields of the form. Date and place of drafting the act.
Specify the number of members of the Commission on the decommission, which must confirm the unsuitability of goods and materials for future use. Be sure to specify their name, position.
In the text of the act, specify the reason why goods are written off, their names, inventory ID (or material number), units of measurement, quantity, unit price, total amount to be written off and the purpose of the expenditure. Sign the act all members of the Commission it themselves, put the company seal and get signature of the head.
Before you make the act, ensure that these goods and materials issued from the warehouse as per requirement. The act must be signed by financially responsible person or financial accountant. Write a document in triplicate. One instance of leave in the accounting Department, hand over to the OU to which there was a write-off, the third grant to the materially responsible person.
If the write-off of inventories is made due to their obsolescence or the end of the period depreciation, leave act for relief in any form, not using the form TORG-16. The act must specify its number, the date of its publication.
Specify the full name of the organization, name of its leader and his position, the Department name that are written off inventories. Enter the code OKPO.
In the text, specify the reason for cancellation, name of goods and materials write-off, their serial numbers, units of measure, book value. Enter the price per unit and the total value of all written off of inventories. At the end write the total amount to write off.
Put your signature, the date and collect signatures from all members of the Commission. Secure act with the official stamp of company and signature of its head.