Accounting furniture usually is conducted according to the Plan of accounts of economic activity of the organization, PBU 5/01 ("inventory"), as well as PBU 6/01 ("fixed assets Accounting"). All existing accounting procedure should be stipulated in the relevant normative acts that regulate accounting policies of the organization.
Keep in mind on account 01 all office furniture worth more than 20 thousand rubles and the term of use. Record at historical cost of furniture. To the initial value by subtracting the actual cost amount of taxes.
Clear the furniture, using the following transactions:
- The debit 91 Credit 01 (harness residual value);

- Debit 02 Credit 01 (posting depreciation);

- Debit 10 Credit 99 (posting the posting of material values at the elimination of the object);

- Debit Credit 99 91 (posting of gain on disposal of an object. For example, from the sale or transfer of furniture);

- The debit 99, the Credit 91 (posting of loss on disposal).
Please note: if your furniture is worth less than 20 thousand rubles, the situation will be more complicated. According to PB 6/01, such objects should be considered either as inventories (inventory) or fixed assets. In the case of MPZ keep records of account 10 (Materials).
If you consider furniture as a fixed asset, period of use, it will refer to the 4th depreciation group. Specify the group depreciation on account 02 (depreciation of fixed assets") and use the following wiring:
- Debit 26 Credit 02 (posting of depreciation of furniture);

- The debit 83, the Credit 02 (posting of revaluation surplus depreciation);

- 02 debit Credit 83 (post write-downs depreciation).
If you consider furniture as MPZ, then make it write-off the cost of each unit, which includes all costs to acquire. In this case it will be necessary to make the act of cancellation. This act must be approved by a special Commission of officials of the organization.