Sew or buy plain Ukrainian shirt. Choose a piece of linen or cotton size slightly larger than your usual. Wash the shirt to keep her in the wash, when the embroidery is already done. Iron.
Choose a motif that you want to embroider. Note two things: ornamentation and technique. Most often, embroidery shirts use geometric patterns (crosses, circles, zig-zagi), images of plants (flowers, grapes, oak) and animals (cocks, hares, deer). As for the method of embroidery, there are a great many, but the most straightforward and recognizable – of the seam cross. The scheme for embroidery ornament Ukrainian shirts can be found on the Internet. Traditionally, the embroidered area of the collar, the front shelf of a shirt and a shoulder of the sleeve. Color depends on your imagination, the main colors in the embroidery are red and black.
Pick a thread that will embroider. It is best to use normal floss. Gently wash them in warm water before stitching, since red shades can fade and stain the fabric of his shirt. Rinse in water with the addition of air conditioning. Dry threads.
Get a special invoice outline – soluble or deleted. Sew strips of a desired size on portions of the sleeves, the collar area basting stitches. Upon completion of the work outline can be removed by pulling out individual threads, or it will dissolve in the wash (if you use a soluble variant).
Pass the area of the stitching of the shirt in the Hoop, pull up the edges. Get started, make sure the direction of the figure correspond to the cut of the shirt. First, embroider the details of the picture the base color, then add other colors. Remove the threads of the canvas with the finished product, wash at a temperature of 30 degrees. Iron.