You will need
  • a needle with an enlarged end, colored satin ribbons with a width of 0.7 cm, thread floss, or iris green, the fabric where you are going to embroider, Hoop, pencil, paper.
To embroider lilac, ribbons take color from white to dark purple. Embroider better in the gabardine, this fabric is well suited for embroidery ribbons and easy to wash. Picture of lilac take from the magazine of needlework, there are many pictures of lilac for cross stitch.
The fabric pattern move with the help of carbon paper. If you choose to embroider ribbons, choose a simple figure, literally from one brush of lilac.
Pull the fabric in the Hoop and make a knot of ribbons. Fold the edge and pierce it with a needle, secure a knot on the reverse side and proceed with the embroidery. The tip of the lilac ribbon embroider a darker color, so that the flowers have not yet blossomed. Buds make one stitch: insert the needle from the inside there, and the 7 mm - back inside out.
Buds emphasize the thread of green, stalked seam label a twig on top of this thread, embroider flowers and buds of lilac (where the twig will be seen under colors, you get volume and realistic). Embroider flowers as buds, but four petal - from one point (1-2 mm apart).
Gradually move to more bright flowers, alternating them for greater plausibility. Leaves cut out of green taffeta, the edges burn a candle, not to Majilis. Sew leaves on top of them embroider the flowers. Experiment with the technique of embroidery, find the form of the execution of lilac flowers. Thus, you get a voluminous sprig of lilac.
For a first experience is enough of this lilac. You will learn to work with the band and felt the desire to create a more complex picture. In the future, use twisted seams-plaits and braids, and in the process, come and skill. Learn the hidden stitches to secure the stitches of the tape that they are not deformed and does not turn. To the bag the element of embroidery ribbons can be attached as the application, and to the bag to sew already.