You will need
  • - tweezers;
  • - safe scissors;
  • - talc with antibacterial effect and pain function;
  • - cotton buds and disks;
  • - lotion.
The Yorkshire Terrier is a need to continuously remove the hair growing inside the ear because it interferes with the free movement of air, because of this inside the ear canal is formed moisture.
как котенку почистить уши
Tweezers, small scissors safe, talc with antibacterial effect and pain function, cotton buds and disks, lotion are essential tools for maintaining the ears of the pet clean.
как мыть кота в тазике
Sprinkling talcum powder or antiseptic powder in the ear canal, you use your fingertips to gently pull the hairs, then clean the ear with a lotion with calendula, Otiri. The lotion makes the skin smooth, soft and elastic, which significantly reduces the amount of getting accustomed to it microorganisms. In addition, the lotion dissolves earwax and helps to quickly and effectively clean ears.
как чистить кошкам уши
Must adhere to the following order and repeat it as needed:
1. Tweezers or scissors to clear the ears of unwanted hair so that they are not blocked the entrance to the ear canal.
2. To enter into the ears of a few drops of special ear lotion. With the help of massage to ensure that the lotion has penetrated into all of the ear.
3. Wait 10-15 minutes for it to soften the sulfur and then remove the dirt with sticks.
4. Trimmer to make the cut one-third of the outer part of the ear.
чем мыть кошке уши