You will need
  • - additives for foot baths;
  • - pliers, scissors or pliers;
  • - a nail file;
  • - polishing the bar.
Choose the right tools. For the treatment of nails on the feet are best suited the clippers with straight cut, made of high quality steel. They are in one motion cut the nail, not rasleela and not breaking off it. Children can trim the nails with nail scissors, and for cutting uneven plates of irregular shape suitable tweezers with sharp tips. Do not use poor quality tools - they can injure the skin and nails.
Toenails should be cut at least twice in a month. The inserts are softened, and the pedicure was painless and tidy, do a foot soak. In warm water then add shower gel and essential oils, softening and deodorizing the skin. A special emulsion for maceration that can be purchased in specialized stores. Choose tools with sea salt, herbal extracts, algae or other useful additives. For a foot bath take 5-7 minutes.
Pat skin with a towel and proceed to the procedure for trimming the nails. Hold the clippers parallel to the cuticle and cut the plate in a straight line, not rounding out the tips. This form will not allow the nails grow into the skin.
Leave a free edge in a millimeter - enough to protect your toes from damage. Do not cut the nails at the root - there is a risk of damaging the skin. Do not leave too wide and the free edge, long nails will break off.
Your fingers look nice, even nails, giving them the same length. When you have finished, file the free edge of the ceramic or glass nail file. Hold the blade directly perpendicular to the edge of the nail - the line would be smooth. Do not use a metal nail file, it is too rough and may contribute to damage to the fins.
If your nails have grown into the skin, try lightly make an incision in the middle of them. When healing, the plate will start to shrink towards the center, freeing the skin. Do not attempt to penetrate under the nail - this can cause inflammation and damage the plate. Ridged and uneven nails can be scraped off with a special bar - it will return them smooth and healthy complexion.