You will need
  • 1. Truck with body capacity of at least 10 m3
  • 2. Established business relationships with freight forwarders
  • 3. Opportunities for further expansion of the Park your car
  • 4. The ability to choose the drivers for the individual orders and permanent work
  • 5. Over time, a contract service maintenance of all your vehicles, and the contract for the bulk purchase of fuel
Purchase a truck – that's the first thing, you will likely have to begin your trip. Of course, it doesn't have to be a tractor trailer (what is called "truck") – begin transport better with the branded analogue "gazelles", the volume of the body which is a little more than ten "cubes". The cost of "truck" – a few million rubles, its use is advantageous for long-haul flights, and they are at the initial stage will be for you too high a risk.
Start to have business relations with the drivers of the freight forwarding companies, searching to fulfil their orders private carriers. The cost of delivery offered by the company-the customer and the profit that you will receive from freight forwarders-intermediaries you are very different, but directly with the "private traders" large customers are not working. So if you want to obtain advantageous to operate with the largest possible number of "managers", fall into their databases to be reliable and responsible contractor.
Invest all funds which may, in the extension of the "Park" their cars – it means accumulating money for a second car, you need to try to save them and the third. Only with eight trucks, you can consider yourself a serious firm. Transportation companies assume a much wider range of possibilities than a help when moving to a new office or country cottage. You need to strive, of course, to receive tenders for freight forwarding services in other regions of the country.
Develop a safe as possible, the system of selection of drivers who can be trusted with expensive equipment and cargo. To find a good driver on "the wagon" – a task not always easy, especially when you consider that the cost of shipping sometimes is no one hundred thousand. Check out the "past" of the candidates are using debt collection firms or individuals offering similar services. It is possible that the driver's personnel in the transport business decide not everything, but without verified drivers far you will never "leave".