You will need
  • A set of makeup, sponge, brush
Prepare the skin. To grim better lay down, on your face, apply moisturizer and wait until it is completely absorbed.
Apply to the face the base color. To spread the paint all over their face, it is more convenient to use the sponge. If makeup is too thick, you can slightly moisten the sponge with water. Apply the main tone in broad strokes, not too thick. If the makeup quality, it only takes one layer for intense color.
Wait until the main tone will dry up and start to detail. If you draw a face of a feline, highlight the space above the upper lip bright atom. Apply tiger stripes or leopard spots. Use the wide brush. Dark brown or black color, draw a nose. If you're not a carnivore, the domestic cat, the nose can be pink.
Line your eyes with a special pencil for the makeup of dark color. The inner corners of the eyes to focus and guide the external arrows. It is not necessary to trace both the upper and lower lid, connecting line, of course, if you don't draw Panda.
Pencil draw all the whiskers, subtle touches, apply patterns, stylized under the skin of the animal. Not necessarily realistic accuracy to simulate the muzzle, it is sufficient to convey the overall style and character of the animal. Mask, which felt the free hand of the artist, will never get lost in the crowd of other festive faces.