To begin, try to determine the width of the wheel. To calculate can use the common formula: if the width of tyre tread car wheels to take away 20%, you will get the width of the drive wheel. For example, if rubber is 255 mm, the width of disc 255 mm - 20% = 204 mm. To convert this value to centimeters, divide the resulting number by 10. Work of 20.4 cm And then divide by 2.54 and get the width size of the disk is 8 inches (that they mostly calculated values for the wheels). If you want to put the disc wider or narrower tires, remember that the recommended maximum difference between them is only 15%.
So you can determine the size of your wheels according to available parameters, please note the labels directly on the lid. Typically, it will indicate the amount that is designated as follows: 6 x 14, 6.5 x 15, etc. Here the first number is the width of the rim in inches and the second number is the diameter of the rim, again in inches. Based on these indicators you can easily determine what size tire you need to purchase.
Choosing wheel size, remember that the rim diameter and their rates vary on average from 10 to 23 inches (depending on vehicle type). The width of the rubber profile can vary between 2.3 and 4 inches. The smallest of these indicators are suitable for motorcycles, scooters and scooters, and the biggest transport powerful.
Also, if you decide to replace the disk or rubber at a higher, remember that this has to change several parameters, for example, the departure. Its size when you increase the diameter of the wheel should be reduced. And to do it preferably by the formula: +0.5 inch = 6.5 mm minus the distance from the axis of symmetry of the wheel to the landing of the plane connecting the rotor to the hub.