You will need
  • - technical documentation of the vehicle;
  • - "tire calculator.
Refer to the documentation of the car. Find the recommendations of the manufacturer, type and sizehave tiresthat can be used on this vehicle. In the General case, the parameters of the tirewill be indicated, for example, in the following form: 175/70 R13, where 175 is the width of the profile tireyou, mm, and 70 – profile tyress in relation to the width, %; R13 is the radius of the tirein inches. If the height of the profile is not specified, it is assumed to be 82%. The radius of the tyres determines the diameter of the wheels, which you can install this tire.
If for any reason the documentation on the car you have, look for information on the vehicle. Usually a sticker with some basic information about the car is the driver's door. Label the type label typically identifies the size of the tire and the permissible pressure in them.
Find information about sizee one of the tires of your car on its side.
If the information from the sticker-label has worn off and there is no possibility to find this information one of the following ways, use the "tiretax calculator" on one of the car sites. Select make, model, year and modification of the car and find out the sizes of tyre, s for the input parameters.