Advice 1: How to choose tires for rims

Twice a year, every motorist "change shoes". This, of course, talking about car wheels, which change by the season. And if motorists with the experience already familiar with many of the intricacies of ownership of the vehicle, the newcomers in the ranks of car owners often face a problem how to choose tires to the rims.
How to choose tires for rims
After buying both new and used car quite often arises the need to purchase second set of wheels. To replace the wheel, it is necessary not only to choose the right tires to the rims, but to find the wheels for the car. Better to have two complete sets of wheels: winter and summer. First, change the wheel much easier and faster. Secondly, it is cheaper than removing the wheel to replace the tires on the rims, then put them back.
For new wheels you will have to choose the right disks. The material from which they are made, and their appearance (stamped, cast, forged), can be any of your choice. And here are the dimensions, clearances, and other specifications you need to follow exactly. To do this, look in the Datasheet of the manual of the car. On the Internet you can find information and so-called non-standard size suitable to the car model drives. But if you're a beginner-enthusiast, stick to buying discs of standard sizes.
Pick up the rubber to the discs easier. Although it would be better not to pick up the tires to the rims, and the focus vehicle. This will also help reference information from the instruction manual. In addition to the radius, the tyres are different width profile of the balloon and ratio of the profile height to width (e.g., 175/65). For each car it is better to buy the tires appropriate characteristics recommended by the manufacturers of vehicles.

Advice 2: How to choose tires

It is known that if the set on the car tires is the wrong size, you can face various problems: from the incorrect speedometer, to grazing tyres wheel arches. Not to complicate your life with the wrong return rubber back to the store, before buying, take a few minutes to search tire sizes for your car. Consider a couple of simple ways to determine the manufacturer's recommended tire sizes for specific car models.
How to choose tires
Look in the book manual for your machine, which will certainly have information about the sizes of tires that can be installed on the car. If no, open the glove compartment (glovebox) – on most cars of foreign production data on the size of tires are on the inside of the glove box lid. In the special table you will see all the possible to install on the car tire sizes.
If you have neither book, nor tablets in the glove compartment – no problem. You can go to one of the sites any online store selling tires (for example,,, etc.), where in the section "Selection of tires on the car brand, you can get comprehensive information. You will need to select the brand, model and year of your car and the system will display the data from the manufacturer.
Often the manufacturer recommends for installation on the vehicle tires of different diameters. Before you buy tires, pay attention to it.
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