For the correct selection of the dimension of the tires on your mAtire, it is first necessary to understand the symbols applied on the tireAh. Any tiree is written the manufacturer. Choosing tyresyou stick to known manufacturers and do not give preference to a little-known firms, despite the low price of their products. As you know, avaricious pays twice. Saving in price, you will get a disgusting performance and put at risk yourself and passengers of your car. To the well-known firms include Nokian, Yokohama, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Dunlop.
Picking up tiress, refer to their size. It is applied to the side of the tyre and usually has the following form (example) 185/70R15 82t piston. The first number (185) indicates the section width in millimeters. The second number (70) is the height profile. You can specify a percentage, as a ratio to the width of the profile. It is easy to calculate that for our example it will be equal 129,5 mm. Sometimes the height of the profile is called a series. The symbol R15 represents the wheel diameter, you can set the selected tire. Also indicate, we can conclude that you are dealing with radial type tires, as indicated by the letter R. Figure 82 shows the load ratio on the tirein kg. And the letter T – the maximum speed of a tires at which the manufacturer guarantees the preservation of the respective characteristics of their products. Transcript of the last two designations refer to the relevant tables.
When choosing the size of the tire refer to the factory manual, where exactly are the acceptable sizes of wheels, discs, tires. Remember that the manufacturer when listing the sizes of tires and wheels, appropriate to your mAShine, held a special engineering calculations related to the kinematics of the suspension of the car. Take into account the load on the transmission elements, the force on the steering wheel, the ride comfort of passengers and driver. All calculations have been substantiated by further tests. Do not trust other opinions when choosing tyres – any violation of the user has consequences that negatively affect the car.