Advice 1: How to know the size of the hard disk

The capacity of the hard disk – a characteristic which is often the deciding factor for customers when choosing or replacing a disk. So how do you know the real volume, considering that the marking of hard disks Gigabyte is not equal to 1024, and 1000 megabytes. And if in the recent past, when the size of the HDD rarely exceed 80 GB, could be neglected, then the size of the drive terabytes more losses are respectable numbers. To obtain information about the real size of your hard disk from the BIOS and the operating system and various third-party utilities.
How to know the size of the hard disk
You will need
  • a computer running the Windows operating system utility HDD Life Pro, Internet.
Information about the amount of hard disk available in the BIOS, and you can get it even when no operating system is installed and cannot open the system unit. Power on computer and press the DEL key (less keys F1, F2, F10). You will see the main BIOS Setup menu. Depending on the BIOS version, the option name that defines the parameters of the drive varies. Its name can be IDE HDD Auto-Detection IDE configuration. Select in the list of all installed media the disc and click the Enter key. A window opens with the characteristics of the HDD where the specified size of the disk. For a transfer size of disk in gigabytes, divide the number of megabytes by 1024.
The operating system Windows to characteristics of the disc from the console "computer Management". Right-click on "My computer" and select "Manage". In the left window go to the Management snap-in ROM, mi". Run the command "Properties" by right-clicking the mouse on the graphical view of the disk labeled "Disk 0" "Disk 1," etc., depending on what drives you have installed. In the dialog box "Properties", click "Volume". Here will be listed the size of disk and size of available volumes.
Can be used to determine the amount of disk third-party utilities. One of many such tools - HDD Life Pro. It is easy to find on the Internet. The program is shareware that is enough to determine the size of your hard disk. Download the program, install on computer and run it to execute. In the opened window will display detailed information about all the parameters of the disk, including its volume, which will be listed under the name disk at the top of the window.

Advice 2 : How to find hard drive size

Hard drive size does not directly affect the power of the computer. But, nevertheless, it depends on how much information you can store on your computer. Even quite capacitive Winchester can be completed in just a few months. To know the capacity of hard disk is quite simple. And if its size will seem too small, do not worry, you can always buy another hard drive.
How to find hard drive size
You will need
  • - Computer with Windows;
  • program AIDA64 Extreme Edition.
One of the easiest ways to learn the size of the hard disk is the system. Open "My computer". Click on the tab hard disk right-click. In the context menu that appears then, select "Properties".
In the resulting window scroll to "Capacity". There will be information available about its capacity. After you learn the capacity of one section, repeat the same operation with the following. Thus, the amount of partitions on your hard disk and will be his total capacity.
Also, this information can be learned through numerous diagnostic programs. Download from Internet the program AIDA64 Extreme Edition. Install it on the hard disk of the computer. Run the program.
After scanning your system you find yourself in the main menu AIDA64. In the right window select "Computer", and then in the next window - "total information". After a few seconds the program window will display information about all components of a computer.
Information will be available in sections. Scroll to the "data Storage". Then find the string "Total size". This string value is the full size of the hard disk.
Also in this section will be information about the model name of your hard drive and the producer firm. Clicking on the model name of the hard disk , right-click, you will see the link "product Information". After selecting it, you open the web page where you will be able to find the hard drive.
Useful advice
Hard drive size is almost always slightly less than stated. For example, if you purchased the hard drive to 320 GB, but after checking it turned out that there are only 300 GB, this is not a defect hard drive. This is due to some features of the calculations. Hard drive manufacturers calculate their size in the decimal system.
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