The company "Letual" offers its regular customers a system of discounts, the right to which is confirmed by the presence of the club card of a certain color. The total discount amount expressed as a percentage of the value of any goods purchased in the perfume-cosmetic network. Each member club program can receive a discount of from ten to twenty-five percent of its concrete value is determined by the total amount of purchases made using the card. That is why customers of this company are interested in periodic operational checking of balance their own bonus cards. "Letual" offers two options to obtain the required information: use the special service on the official website or call a specialist trade network.

The use of the service to check the balance of club cards "Letual"

Receive information using a special service that operates on the official website of the company "Letual", is the most simple and expeditious option for determining the balance of a club card. The service is hosted on the main page of the website of the company "Letual", to use simply enter the card number in a special field, which is located at the top of the page. After that, the consumer is invited to choose the colour of his club card (ruby, sapphire, amethyst or diamond). Then the member club program can click the Check button and immediately receive information of interest. Note that when using the described method, the user will receive the balance details that are relevant on the date preceding the day of request.

Call a specialist company "Letual"

Alternatively, information about the balance of the bonus card "Letual" is a call to the specialist this trading network. This method is used only when no access to the Internet or access to the official website of the company. To get all the information they need to call on a single telephone hotline 8-800-200-23-45. The call is free, however the operator of perfume and cosmetics network, you'll also need information about the number of club cards and her colour. After reporting this information to a buyer specialist contact center will tell how many rubles accumulated on the club card and what discount to give savings in the size.