You will need
  • Splitter;
  • - network cables.
If you have a ADSL modem with several LAN ports and a similar device that supports network Wi-Fi, you need to correctly configure their synchronous operation. This will allow you to connect to the Internet from multiple computers or mobile devices. Connect the DSL port multichannel modem telephone cable. Use a splitter to reduce interference in the network.
Connect the computers to the modem, using the available LAN ports. Be sure to leave one port free. Turn on one of the computers and open the web interface settings of the modem. Install and configure the server connection provider. How to do it, ask on the official forum of the company, which provides access to the Internet.
Save the connection settings. Disable the DHCP function. In this scheme, it is better to use a static IP address. Connect the computer with LAN port of another modem.
Open the web interface. Select the WAN menu and configure it. In this case, you must assign the channel to the main LAN. Ie Internet device should to not using the DSL port and the LAN port. As DNS server (the access point to the Internet) use the IP address of the first modem.
Open the Wi-Fi menu and create a wireless access point. Select the desired operating parameters of the wireless network. Save settings the modem and unplug the desktop computer.
Connect using a network cable second ADSL modem to the first device. To do this, use the free LAN ports of both modems. Restart both devices. Wait for the download modems. Connect your computers to the wireless network. Make sure that all devices have access to the Internet.