You will need
  • Computer, ADSL-modem, installation CD-ROM, splitter, power adapter, ETHERNET cable, telephone cable, telephone line, network card
Connect the ADSL modem to the port on the network card located on the back panel of the system unit. To do this, use a cable with "ETHERNET", which at one end connect to the connector "Ethernet" port of the ADSL modem and the network card of the computer. Then connect the power cable to the ADSL modem.
Connect the ADSL modem to the phone line for this purpose use the splitter of the original guide.Connector into the "LINE" splitter using the cable connect the local telephone line. Connector PHONE plug telephone apparatus, when using multiple devices associated with that number, you need to use a few of them. Connect the splitter to the modem using the telephone cord that one end plugs into a "MODEM" and the other to the socket of "LINE" port of the ADSL modem.
Next you should run the setup wizard from the CD-ROM. To do this, insert the installation CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive. Install ADSL modem automatically.