You will need
  • - set carob and spanner wrenches;
  • - screwdriver.
To remove the pads on the console, take out the button switch for heated rear window, prying it with a screwdriver. Disconnect harness connector for heated rear window. Remove the ashtray. Remove the cover of the stowage compartment, pulling the pins from the holes. Unscrew the four screws attaching the console: two under the ashtray and two under the container storage compartment.
Remove the radio and disconnect its wires. On either side of the niche of the unit Unscrew the two screws attaching the lining. Remove the panel, overcoming the resistance of the spring holders at the top of the lining.
For removing the instrument panel along with a console unit disconnect the battery. Remove the steering wheel, the trim panel, steering column, shift paddles, pads on the floor of the tunnel. Remove the instrument panel. On both sides of the center console remove the screws.
Prying with a screwdriver, remove the nozzle blowing lateral glasses. Open access to is located underneath the upper nuts attaching the instrument panel. Loosen these nuts. Turn the three clamps, remove the fuse block cover. Remove the screws securing the amplifier of the instrument panel, located under the fuse block cover. Remove the amplifier.
Under the instrument panel, locate the 4 screws of its fastening and remove them. Also remove the screws fastening the instrument panel to the left and right of the steering column. Locate and Unscrew the fixing screw to the right of the instrument panel. Wire the ground of the instrument panel attached to the body with M8 screws. Unscrew it. Pads wires of the instrument panel are held by clamps. Shift to the right and unplug the connector.
Disconnect the harness connector of the ignition switch and electric power steering. Remove the mounting nut wire ground to electronic components. Harness, instrument panel disconnect wiring harness from ignition systems, control units and power accessories airbag
Remove the instrument panel together with the Central console and remove it from the salon. The dashboard is quite heavy and bulky, so perform this operation together with the assistant.