You will need
  • - Photoshop installed on your computer
Open the image in the program through the menu "File" and then "Open".
If you need to cut out a rectangular portion of an image (e.g. your face), use the tool "Crop". He is in the first column on the toolbar, third button from the top. Click on the button, then clicking the left mouse button, highlight the section you want to leave. Adjust the boundaries of the fragment. Press Enter, the changes will come into force – part of the image located outside of the fragment will be cut off.
If you want to cut a more complex fragment, for example, a human figure, the contour, use the Lasso tool (second button from the top of the first column of the Tools panel). This tool is used when it is necessary to allocate a portion of the image of complex shape.
Click the "Lasso" and hold – a menu appears choose what to highlight.
- The usual "Lasso" selects fragments of any shape. Press the left mouse button along the desired path.
- "Polygonal lasso tool" - selects polygons, i.e. straight lines.
- The "magnetic lasso" is used to highlight parts of the image with a clear outline. Click the border of the contour along it – the point of automatically allocating'll be docking in to the contour of the object.
Select the "Magnetic lasso". And, as described above, click on the contour edge of the allocated object along it.
By selecting a small fragment of the object, close the contour by mouse clicks away from the edge of the object (not inside), go back to the starting point and press "Enter".
Clear the selection by pressing the Delete key.
Proceed the same way further, until only the desired object. Some elements of the background can be deleted by selecting them using the Magic wand tool (second column, second button from top panel "Tools" and the button "Delete".
Select the object using the tool "Rectangular area". Copy it to the clipboard (menu "Edit" - "Copy"command).
Place (menu "Edit" - "Paste" the object on the desired image or background.