The date of issue of the sewing machine can be detected directly on the product. Cars with a cast iron frame always have the date on the shell itself. On the leg machines you can find the date in two places: on the big wheel rotation or at the back of the case (beneath the monogram or inside it). On a manual typewriter check the front wall under the monogram – the date should be there.
If your machine year of release was not, or for some reason you are unable to locate him, there are other ways to learn the required date. Each machine has a serial number which you can see on the box or on the machine or in her passport. Go to the official website of the Singer company and using the helper user, enter you serial number of the machine and find out what year it was released. Old sewing machines are highly valued by customers, so for you it is crucial to know the exact release date of a product.
If you are unable to obtain the necessary information on the Internet, go to the store sewing machine, which works with Singer. The seller in this store will tell you where you can get expert help to determine the year of the sewing machine, and may immediately tell you the answer to your question. Again, for this you will need the serial number or lot number of the sewing machine.
Knowing the production date of your car, be sure to consult with an expert appraiser who will inspect your car, assess its condition and determine the market value, from which you will be able to proceed in the sales process. Old Singer sewing machines – a quality and reliable product, so perhaps you should think about it and use it for their own purposes. Maybe in another half century you will be the only owner of the sewing machine, which will be, for example, 200 years.