You will need
  • documents confirming the income counting period; a calculator.
Before you calculate the revenue, collect all the documents confirming the fact of receiving material benefits for the calendar year. The sources of income do not matter, takes into account not only the basic wage by place of residence, but also any other tangible benefits: bonuses, fees from teaching or creative activity, lottery winnings.
Count the income received in kind. They are, however, at the prices which are established and regulated by the state. Remember that the income that cannot be documented, the credit institutions will not be considered. So the profit from securities to prove and to include in gross income much easier than the money received from the sale of products from the infield. As for filing your taxes, here simply reflect the source of income received and total amount in order to be included in the taxable base.
After the total amount of income counted, subtract from it the statutory deductions and expenses incurred for profit. Costs should also be documented. The final figure will be equal to average annual income. If you want to obtain the average monthly income of persons, it remains only to divide this amount by the actual amount spent in the last year months.