You will need
  • calculator;
  • - the book of income and expenditure;
  • - accounting program.
In this case, you can either keep records of profits and expenses on paper, or to learn how to use accounting software such as 1C.
To determine the income of an individual entrepreneur is simple – you need from the amount of profits to deduct all expenses incurred on the job. This will be net income. However, this is not enough to report to the state. In addition, you may face some difficulties.
In the case of accounting of flow of funds on paper, you can properly determine your income, but only if you spend 1-2 transactions per week. If several of them during the day, the count column is very difficult, so it is better to enlist the help of a computer program.
It works simply enough. First, create a new database using the setup wizard. Then start to make figures of profit and expenses. And the program will automatically perform the following actions:- keep records in accordance with established standards;- provide data for financial statements.
In addition, the PI must keep a special Ledger in that case, if they use the simplified system of taxation. You should have a certified form to fill out which should be in strict accordance with the rules, otherwise you may have problems with the tax authorities.
Consistently, in clear chronological order, write data revenue profit from operations and expenditures on its maintenance in the corresponding columns.
After the reporting period you want to display the totals, which are then indicated in the tax return. Conduct records may be in paper and in electronic version. The main thing is to save the document to avoid loss and accidental deletion.