You will need
  • the disc with the movie "Interview with the vampire" as viewing samples, soft plastic, cotton swab, nail glue, in some cases, mouthwash
Catch the vampire tear out his fangs b use on health. This, of course, the easiest way. For those who are not looking for easy ways, below three.
Method one: to make the fangs from soft plastic. Now on sale a lot of children's sets for creativity. Buy a set for modeling and deprive the child of his white component. Forming two pretty Fang, try – are they going for you? If no doubt, and your reflection (with the appearance of fangs in the mirror until you disappear, don't worry) you like – great. Put your teeth in the oven, they will harden, and will delight you with its presence. Disclaimer: if you are going to not bite a human neck, but something more solid (Apple, for example, or crispy), remove the fangs suddenly broken, all that work gone to waste then.
The second method is for those who value the simple fact that they have vampire fangs, but to show them in places where people are going (you never know – a breath of stale, for example). Open the photoshop. Think again. If you change your mind, you can close photoshop. If desire to see themselves in the fangs did not leave, take pictures of you webcam with an open mouth (the mouth is opened you do not have a webcam), upload the image in photoshop, pull the two canines (don't overdo it, more than two is not necessary), have the joy of watching. You can show photos to others.
Finally, the third method is the most unreliable, but suddenly to whom it is necessary. Carefully remove the cotton from the sticks "tips", i.e., its cotton component. The wand can throw out, it is not required. But in each cotton tip drip a drop of glue to your nail, press the cotton against the teeth, hold it for a bit. Way is not good because if the mouth is closed, the wool will soften and fangs will look well, it is quite unnatural. So you have to go all the time with his mouth open. But, on the other hand, canines well done show, Yes? This means that with an open mouth like it's alright.