You will need
  • - Adobe Photoshop;
  • - the image file for processing.
Open the photo where you need to make fangsin Adobe Photoshop. Select "Open..." in the File main menu or click the joint pressing Ctrl+O. browse to the file in the dialog that appears. Click "Open".
Like Photoshop to make <b>fangs</b>
Select one of the teeth on the basis of which is formed the Fang. Activate the Zoom tool is Tool. Install convenient to operate the magnification of the image fragment.
Like Photoshop to make <b>fangs</b>
Create a selection area around the tooth. It is easy to do with the help of Magnetic Lasso Tool or Polygonal Lasso Tool. If necessary, correct the selection in the quick mask mode or using the Modify partition menu, Select.
Like Photoshop to make <b>fangs</b>
Copy the image of the tooth for the new layer (in parallel with its creation). Click menu Edit, Copy and Edit, Paste. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.
Like Photoshop to make <b>fangs</b>
Activate the warp mode of the image. Press Ctrl+Shift+D or select Reselect menu Selection to restore the previous selection. Click Edit, Transform and Warp the main menu. Around the image of the tooth grid appears.
Like Photoshop to make <b>fangs</b>
Make a Fang of a tooth. Move the mesh nodes to achieve the desired shape. After the conversion, the double click in the center of the grid or click any tool on the toolbar and click Apply in the dialog of the query.
Like Photoshop to make <b>fangs</b>
Make a pair of transformed images and the original teeth, located in different layers. Activate the Eraser Tool. Clicking on the control Brush in the top bar, select a brush suitable type, diameter and stiffness. Setting the Opacity set to 10-20%. Process tool the Eraser Tool the outer region of the image of the upper layer as long as between him and the background image will not fade visible borders.
Like Photoshop to make <b>fangs</b>
Rate the result. Review the composition at different scales. Make sure there are no errors. Perform the actions described in steps 2-7 to add the required number of fangs.
Like Photoshop to make <b>fangs</b>
Save the modified image. Press Shift+Ctrl+S or click on "Save As..." from the File menu. In the dialog, select the format and file name. Click "Save".
Like Photoshop to make <b>fangs</b>