To remove the drawer for you can follow the link Page warns you that you will lose by removing the box and prompts you to specify the reason why you broke up with the portal. After you enter in the box below and your current password, a box will be blocked and all contained letters removed. Registered name to be released only three months later.
To remove a mail boxon Yandex, and you need to log in (enter name boxand password) and log in to Yandex passport. In the upper right corner of the interface of the passport to locate an active link to "setting" and go to it. In the left menu, find "Delete mail box". After you click on it – enter the current password and press the "Delete" button. Mail box removed.
Mail box on Google (Gmail) is also removed via settings. In the tab "Accounts", click "Google account Settings". On the right, under "My services" click on "Change". After that, select "Delete Gmail service". Now the box is removed.
Service Rambler does not provide its users the opportunity to delete the mail box. Instead, it offers to send a letter to tehpotdergka at: In the letter, specify that you would like to remove the mail box and the specify a name boxand a password. Please note that by doing so you will grant administrators full access to it.