Log in to the system

To delete a mailbox, you can only be the case if you are inside the system. Simply put, before the procedure of removal you need in your mail log. If on a home computer or mobile device you use the application-mail agent, you need to go to the website www.mail.ru and login there. Once you are logged into your Inbox, click on the "help" button, it is on the toolbar under "More" next to the buttons "contacts", "files", "theme", etc.

Search and destroy

Clicking on "help", you will automatically be redirected to the associated services mail ru, specially designed to answer questions and resolve contentious problems – "help mail ru". By the way, in addition to information about how to delete your Inbox, you can find here lot of useful information about everything the service. Removal of mail – matter in the list of the most frequently asked, so you can easily find it on the main page in the main menu. In case if you have any difficulty, you can use the search engine provided by the system. It will take you to the desired page.

You think well?

So, once you find your item, feel free to click on the link and the system will redirect you to where you can delete the mailbox. Actually, you just need to follow the instructions – interfejs designed to remove the drawer, is quite simple and does not require any skills. The only thing you should think is the reason why you are going to remove your drawer forever. Oddly enough, the developers of this question is very interested in, so you'll have to answer it – otherwise delete will fail.

To give up a lot

And one more thing. Using the mail service mail ru, you might not guess that it is associated with many related services which you constantly use. It's photos, videos, answers mail ru" and easy access to classmates. If you communicate in a social network "my world" or I use email for correspondence – this also will have to forget. Along with the removal of your mailbox all these blessings of civilization you will be no longer available. It is worth noting that the service ru mail also warns that in the process of removal.