Gather the necessary documents to start the privatization process of homeownership. This will require: cadastral and technical passport of the building, a copy of the personal account, the inquiry on family structure. Take a certificate stating that you have not participated in the privatization. Because the right to participate in privatization is given once in life. However, there are exceptions. If you are the first time took part in the privatization under age, you have the opportunity to undertake another privatization after coming of age.
Will issue a certificate of registration of land rights. In that case, if the land is leased, the registration of the rights to built a house is through the courts. Before you decorate the house, according to law, it is not real estate. It's just the building materials stacked on the land. It can not be registered, it can not give bail, it is prohibited legally to rent out, as well as perform any other legal transactions.
Get in the administration of local government the agreement on the transfer of buildings in the property. Then register it in Motiion. Then hand over the documents to the local office of the FRS. If all is made correctly and you don't have questions, then after about thirty days you will be issued a certificate of state registration of rights to the house, i.e. the document on the privatization of its assets. Should not be to get on with that, as in the sale of non-privatized home ownership can be a real difficulty. It receives the status of the unfinished facility, which entails a fall of its value at times from the real price. Privatized structure you have the right to sell, exchange, donate, and to make any other legitimate transaction.