The easiest way to develop the ability of the body - modern dance. Directions there is a huge amount (go-go/ sexy Style , hip-hop, latina, Solo, strip-plastic, body-shake, dance-hall, stretching, RnB), and choose the style appropriate to their nature easy. This type is chosen by those who do not want to get attached to any specific directions in dance. If you do at least three or four times a week, then very soon the body will gain tone and become flexible and you will feel more confident at any party.
To achieve plasticity of the body using the lessons of classical choreography. Stretching at the Barre, as well as the combination of various training exercises on the floor will help in the short term to strengthen all muscle groups, and will also make the body more plastic and graceful.
For lovers of calm balanced rhythms yoga fits. Rhythmic and flowing movements will help strengthen the muscles, thereby stretching them and making more plastic. This includes a whole system of physical exercises and to fulfill them you need to learn how to breathe correctly in accordance with specific tasks.Only then the yoga exercises will take the necessary action and will help the body to become elastic.
One of the most effective ways to make the body able to squirm not worse than the snakes is the belly dance is a Western name of dance technique, common in the middle East and in Arab countries. After all, just the originality of the dance - in its plasticity. Belly dance unlike other dance and gymnastics does not load on the ankle joints, and is a good way of shaping and the acquisition of flexible and plastic body.
If you want to achieve the beauty of the body in the home, you can start to perform a set of exercises for body flexibility, developing joint mobility and elasticity of ligaments. The main thing here is to show focus and willpower. Such exercises for flexibility and stretching help to improve joint mobility, and thereby contribute to their strength. For this type of training will suit all the exercises that help stretch the muscles. It can be bending, lunges, rotational movements.