How to find the right size Comforter

To calculate the size you need blankets, it is worth considering several options – your size, the size of bed beds, personal preferences, habits, etc. Importantly, under the covers you feel as comfortable as possible so that it does not restrict your movement and do not slip off the bed.

Blankets are classified into the following dimensions:

- children's;
- double – Euro-standard;
- non-standard.

The first and the second width is usually no more than 1 meter, half reach widths of up to 1.5 meters, double – 2 meters. Custom quilts can take up to 5 metres in width. Standard for the length of the baby blanket is 1.4 meters. For adult from 1.9 to 2.3 meters. Allowed to run 10 cm.

At the moment there are two full-fledged system of measures of length: the European and English (common among American manufacturers and companies). These systems differ in different units of distance: European - meters/inches and English inches/feet.

At the beginning of 2000-ies in Russia was issued GOST R 51554-99), which introduced a regulation on the standardization of dimensions of blankets. The basis was taken the size of blankets for married couples. In accordance with the new GOST the sizes of blankets divided into: baby, single, double, Euro double, family.

The dimensions of the blankets

Baby blanket: can be 110 x 140 cm or 140 x 140 cm Blanket for babies are always in the form of a square with a side length of 120-140 cm

Blanket Queen-size, it is the same family. They often buy couples who love to have a duvet on a double bed. Usually, a single blanket is enough for a peaceful, comfortable sleep one person.

- 155-215 cm - family or single blanket, in common "Euro-lorry". One of the most practical and therefore popular sizes. For this kind of very simple in the store to pick up bedding sets;
- 140 x 205 cm – semidouble blanket "Soviet" size. Sometimes called "English". This option rarely buy for children and teenagers, if they sleep in bunk beds or the couch;
- 160 to 205 cm – a strange size, which is very rare in the sale and is not particularly popular. It is called children's size;

Double blankets. Under them a person feels most comfortable with during sleep. This size assumes the bed is not even 1 meter in width, otherwise the blanket will hang down and may fall on the floor.

- 200 to 220 cm blanket size Euro standard. It is easy to pick up bedding eurolaser;
- 195-215 cm – another option Euromaster for the double blanket. Takes a popular second place;
- 175 to 205 cm double blanket "Soviet" size. The second name of the "English" size. It is suitable to the bed linen of domestic manufacture;
- 220 to 240 cm "Euro Maxi". Buy it owners of large double beds. For him it is difficult to find bed linen in size. But you can put an order.