You will need
  • card phone memory;
  • -computer or laptop;
  • adapter for the card.
Make sure that the memory card you intend to format is not important and valuable information, as when you format all the files that are on the map will disappear. If the map can find the necessary files, transfer them via Bluetooth or USB port on PC or laptop. Check if all necessary files you have saved, then turn off your phone.
Remove the memory card from phone and insert it into the adapter to be inserted in a special slot on the computer. In the Windows menu click on "my computer" and wait until the icon of the memory card appears in the computer. Then select a folder connected to the memory card. Using the right mouse button on the map menu locate and select the option "format". The computer asks for confirmation of the selected function. Confirm your decision by clicking on the "OK" button, and then begin the formatting process.
To format the card as possible and without the use of a computer. Go to phone settings and find the menu in your phone's memory card. Typically, this menu is called "memory card" or "Media Card". Press "options" and from the list of available features which are possible with map choose "format". Confirm your choice and wait for the end of the process. Now the card is formatted and ready to work.