You will need
  • - memory card;
  • adapter for a memory card.
Prepare your memory card for formatting. Decide whether you want to do it via phone or computer. If you decide to use the computer, remove the memory card from your phone and insert it into the adapter. Otherwise, make sure the card is in the phone and it turned on.
Go to menu and select "phone Settings". Find the menu called the Media Card or "memory Card". If the phone has a separate Manager to edit memory, enter it.
Click "Options". Make sure that media card support is enabled. Next, select "Format". This feature can be found in the General list. After selecting format, you can choose between formatting the memory card and/or memory of the phone itself. Select "Media card", unless otherwise required. Keep in mind - you will lose all data stored on your card.
Click "OK" when your phone prompts to confirm the formatting. Your memory card will now be formatted, which will display the relevant indicator. Do not power off and do not leave this screen. After formatting is complete, the phone will notify you about this and the indicator will no longer be visible. You may have to click "OK" to complete the process.
Format the memory card using the computer, if you wish, place the adapter with it in the appropriate slot. You can also connect to a computer using the USB cable if it does not have the necessary slot. After connecting the memory card, select "My computer" in the Windows menu. Select the memory card, which should appear in this folder. Right-click the mouse on "Menu" and choose "Format". You will then be asked to begin formatting and you will be able to perform the same actions as when you format through the phone.