You will need
  • - computer
  • card reader
  • cable connection with your computer
There are several ways to implement formatting. The easiest way to format the flash drive to your phone using the interface of the operating system (software) of your phone. Most phones with a flash card there is a separate menu and there the menu item "Format card". In some phone models you need to find the "Memory" section, and in the settings in this section you will find the coveted item "Format".
Sometimes the formatting in this way does not work, and here we come to the aid of the computer. Be sure to connect the phone to the computer via the USB cable that comes in the kit. When connecting (pairing) the devices on the computer on a separate disk, it will display the flash card of our phone. In file Explorer, click on it with right button of your mouse and select "Formatting". You can also delete all the data from a flash drive without formatting, provided that all hidden files will be displayed.
You can use another way - formatting using a card reader. The idea is simple: you need to extract the stick from your phone and insert into a card reader (depending on the format of the stick) or use the adapter that often comes along with a flash card in the kit. In many laptops the card reader is already built into the body, while for a computer will have to buy it.