You will need
  • - Computer with Windows;
  • - memory card.
The first thing you need to connect map memory to the computer. You can insert the map memory in a specific device such as a camera or phone. Then connect this device with computer using USB cable. You can also use a card reader, which is convenient.
After the card memory is connected, go to "My computer". Click on the map icon right-click. Then in context menu choose "Format". In this window there is a section "File system", next to the arrow. Click on this arrow with the left mouse button.
Displays a list of file systems that are available for your flashmemory. Depending on the cards, they can be different. Most likely, you will find that your card memory you can format as FAT32 or NTFS. The latter is preferable because it is much newer. Also there are no limitations on the scope of the copied file. In the case of FAT32 you can't copy to the flash file memory, the capacity of which exceeds four gigabytes. The decision to select the file system for you.
Select file system, then in the section "how to format" click on "Fast smoothing". Then press "Start". Will appear informing you that formatting will erase all data from the card memory. Confirm the operation.
This will start the process of formatting your flashmemory. Its duration depends on the file system that you installed, and the type of card memory. Do not interrupt the process or remove the card, otherwise it simply may fail. When the process is complete a message appears stating that the formatting is successfully completed. This process of card formatting memory is completed. Now you can disable it from the computer.