You will need
  • Paper, the text of the task, ruler, pen, pencil, eraser.
Carefully read the requirement of the job. It may be different. Try to figure out what it demands of you, the author. The job may be required just to draw a rough graph of the curve of production possibilities or to build an accurate graph and use it to find any values at a given point. In all cases, you first need to build the schedule.
Schedule performed in a Cartesian plane. This means the graph is two beams - horizontal and vertical, emerging from the origin. Mark the zero point, denoting it by the letter O. From it, draw two rays. One will be marked number one goods, and on the second another. At the ends of the rays of the sign, what kind of benefit it will be celebrated.
Select a scale for the drawing. Much easier to draw the pattern on graph paper, since every other square is one centimeter. For clarity, you can figure to write with a pen of red color. The schedule is better to draw in pencil in case mistakes can be easily erased and corrected. We now turn to the text of the problem and find in what form the curve given the production possibilities. It can be given in the form of a linear equation. Then, you need to draw a small label in which to make all these functions at a given value of the argument. Then according to the table plot.
In the problem can simply be the value. Then you just need to put them on a graph the points and draw the graph. Also you can get the first equation and use it to build a chart.