Select the time of day in which your brain works especially well. For most it is early in the morning, so early that you have to engage in some other place.
If you are the most productive time starts from six in the morning, and to Wake the household you want, find a room in advance. It can be a music school or specialized rehearsal. The second option is more likely since the function of the base starts around this time. However, in this case, the room will have to pay.
Tune in to hard work. Do not bring anything that can distract you, even better your phone turned off. If you are learning guitar with metal strings, pain in the fingers in the first day is inevitable. The more unnecessary things you take with you, the harder it is to concentrate on the game.
Take a tutorial, anyone can even download from the Internet and print. But don't try to play all that is written there, for the first day. Most likely, you will only need the first ten pages and a few from the end. It should be information about the production of the hands and body while playing, the basic rules and techniques of sound production. Will need simple pieces and a few scales one to two octaves.
Set at the rehearsal lasts 3 hours. After that, be sure to take a break for half an hour to give the arms and head rest. Then, resume classes again on the basis of, or already at home.
Still not eager to go through the whole tutorial. Better repeatedly repeat the material presented on selected pages. No one performer can't the first time perform the work without mistakes, especially a rookie.
In musical performing art is important not only to master the skill, but to save it. On another day, again start activity (you can spend less time, an hour or two). The techniques that you before was difficult, now seem easy. On the contrary, if you abandoned music for a week or a month, his hands will forget what you worked so hard to learn.