You will need
  • Collection of chords for the guitar.
Master the technique of the left hand, pinching the chords. Start with simple chords, which are taken without the Barre: e major, e minor, a major, a-minor, d-major, d-minor. Clamp the strings at the appropriate frets, looking for fingering compilations. A finger must be strictly in the middle of the fret and not touch the neighboring strings.
The thumb of the left hand is on the back, strictly in the middle of the neck, not curved neither in nor out. With its help you just fix the guitar in hand.
Check clamped the chord slowly after right hand clamped on the strings. The sound of each of them should be clear, crisp, neprilichnym open are not different from the stiff. If a string is not sounded, check whether it's correctly clamped, whether the finger is located. Walk the string again and again until you get smooth performance.
When these chords will be exactly, start learning chords with a Barre. Keep the index finger, which you pinch the strings, not just upon them, namely pressed. If he doesn't fully lie on the fretboard, then semi-free strings will rattle. Check the position of the left hand in the same bust.
Learn basic techniques of sorting – sequential zasypaniya strings in accordance with the designation. Thumb pull the bass strings, the rest to sort out the treble.
Play "battle." Methods of playing it are many, the simplest is this: on account of "time" hit the nail on the big toe from the lower strings to the top. Repeat the same on the bills of "two", "three", "four", spending on each for equal amount of time. The rhythm and volume of all the strings should be smooth, without excessive volume, and accelerations.