You will need
  • Scissors, thread, beads, needle.
To begin, decide that you would like to obtain. The beading on the dress can represent any pattern, such as flower, heart or star. Also, this decor item can outline the contour of the neckline, sleeves or hem of the dress. Ensure that the shade of the beads was combined with the colors of the dress. For example, a very good combination of blue, purple and white colors or red, black and white. In this regard, it is important to do without frills.
Single beads attached on the dress as well as buttons. To make a row of beads, use a seam "forward a needle": every external stitch on the needle string one bead which is fixed the inner stitch. This embroidery is very convenient, as it is not bristling, and the dress will be easy to fold.
To the number of beads looked more beautiful and smooth, after its completion, pull the thread through all sewn on beads. Also smooth and crisp line you will help to create a seam "stem", in contrast to the seam "forward needle" thread is passed in the same bead twice, thereby securing stronger than her.
If you have decided to embroider on the dress pattern, the first row beaded sew around the edge of the picture, subsequent series will fit snugly to the first, and so on. In this case, the direction of the seam underlines the shape of the objects.
Also the dress can be sewn tassels of beads. On the thread at the end of which is tied a small knot, string desired number of beads. Next, the needle thread penetrates the fabric of the dress in the place where you would like to see a brush. Then the inside of the dress tie the knot, the brush will remain hanging outside. You can do a number of dense brush or randomly distribute them to the dress. Be creative, and you can easily transform your clothes.