In case you have not changed the original firmware and just want to return the phone to its original state, you can use code to reset the firmware. When using it, all data on the phone and not part of the firmware will be erased. You can see the code applying to the representative of the manufacturer of your phone. Find his contact information on the official website. Provide the IMEI of your mobile, then enter the code.
If your phone is running modified firmware, and you want to set a standard, you will need to synchronize your mobile with your computer. Use the date cable and a CD with the drivers that are supplied with your phone. If these components are missing, download driver on the official website of the manufacturer of your cell phone. Ensure that they are suited exactly for your model phone. Buy data cable in mobile machinery shop. Install the driver and software, then connect cell to PC. It is necessary to implement the actions in this sequence, otherwise the computer may not recognize your phone.
Download the firmware and install the software for flashing. You can find these components on the fan sites of the manufacturer of your phone. Install only the firmwarethat is marked as a factory. Make sure the phone battery is fully charged. In any case, do not disconnect the phone until the message about successful update. Until the operation is complete do not use the phone or turn off the computer. Try to use only the software which is manual, otherwise it is advisable to contact a specialized service on repair of the cell.