Since the structure of the phone memory and the operating system are merged, then the firmware is a real software and settings. Suppose that for each model of phone is intended the individual variation of the firmware. But it can also happen that one version of firmware is suitable for phones that are close in the lineup. For example, phones Sony Ericsson W810i and K750i, Nokia 6210 and 6230.

The firmware is able to get rid of the "glitches" of the mobile device, that sin-publicized news. Short releases new phone models lead to the fact that they are far behind in use. Firmware cell phone will help you cope with the complex of unpleasant bonuses.

In addition, the firmware enables to improve the software, adding to its melodies, pictures, games, themes. This procedure allows you to maintain a different set. And this increases back volume of battery, improving the degree of signal reception. So do not rush to change to a new device, if in the process it allows any crashes, try it first flash!