The operational memory, keyboard and display, flash memory, processor, video accelerator. It's not listing the working parts of the computer. It is from these parts is today a modern smartphone, essentially standing on the ladder of technological progress is much closer to a full-fledged computer than just a phone. It should be noted that flash memory is very important for a modern phone, it is a chip, which in a special way embedded to the hardware settings and software. These settings are called firmware, and updating accordingly the flashing.

An IOS device, shutdown, spontaneous rebooting, disabling ports, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi - this is one of the most common symptoms of emerging problems with the firmware of the smartphone, which require your attention. By themselves, these problems will not go away, on the contrary, only will increase. Very rarely, when the firmware flies just like that, without warning. The reasons may be different. New, just released device can have a so-called "raw" firmware that the manufacturer is going to modify in the future. The smartphone can also break as a result of actions of its owner, for example, due to installation of custom firmwares that were collected by users on the basis of the factory are pure experimental.

Smartphone with the flying IOS can be attributed to the service technicians. Moreover, it is better to do if the device is still on warranty. For those who have the warranty period has ended, it is possible to cope with the problem alone. I must say that the producers have different attitudes to self-repair their products. For example, Sony Ericsson and recently, Nokia even encouraged experiments on the phones, has posted new firmware directly to the official website provided users with special software to link your device and your computer. But HTC and Apple have blocked access to the system files of their phone, so the user cannot change their structure.

To reflash the phone yourself, search the web for sites and forums of fans for your brand of phone. Usually on these sites there are experienced people who will always help a newcomer.

To restore the firmware you will need the mandatory USB cable, new version of the software downloaded from official website of the manufacturer and a special program that allows you to make the procedure of replacing the old BY the new. Pay attention to the fact that when changing the firmware all data on the phone internal memory will be erased, including the notebook, photos and other media content. The data on the external memory card, if there is one in your smartphone will remain intact.

Recovery firmware may be delayed. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for your brand of phone, take your time and don't be afraid to make mistakes. After unsuccessful flashing "kill" the phone you will not succeed. But an unfinished process of flashing can easily send you to the service, turning the smartphone into a "brick". To avoid this, it is enough to provide uninterrupted phone power.