Symptoms begin almost immediately after exposure. It starts with a headache. Sometimes the disease progresses so fast that it takes only 3-4 hours, and the person is unconscious. In other cases, the disease lasts for several days.
In addition to the headache there is vomiting. It does not depend on, ate something or not.
Stiff neck is a physiological phenomenon, in this case it manifests itself as the inability of strain. To verify this symptom, you need to ask the person to lie on his back. One palm, place the patient on the upper part of the chest, and the second under the head. Then you need to try to bend the neck of the patient and to get his chin to his palm. When the rigidity is impossible to do, the muscles of the nape will resist stress. In the normal state the chin without problems reaches to the palm of your hand.
If you expose human exposure to bright light or loud sound, and in General, any light or sound stimuli, then his condition deteriorated.
High temperature. In the majority of cases with meningitis in humans strongly temperature rises, but sometimes not, so the absence of this symptom should not be confusing.
If you notice these symptoms in yourself or someone else, immediately call an ambulance. To recognise meningitis can a person without medical education, but to accurately confirm the diagnosis required a spinal puncture, which can only be performed in the hospital.