You will need
  • - PS3 with firmware version 3.40;
  • home personal computer;
  • - working wired or wireless network connected to both devices;
  • software PS3 Media Server.
Verify the operational status of a network. Connect it to the console and the computer. PS3 supports both wired and wireless Wi-Fi connection. If you are going to watch high resolution videos, the last will be enough.
Install Java if previously this was not done. It is highly recommended to download a JRE from Sun, because this type of software from Microsoft very difficult to operate.
Install the downloaded from the official website of the manufacturer of the program PS3 Media Server. For convenience, install it in Programm Files, and create a new folder on the hard disk, calling it, for example, the PS3.
Open a text editor "Notepad". Copy the code from this document Save the text file in the directory C:/Users/Ваш_Логин/AppData/Roaming/PMS/PMS.conf if necessary, replace the existing.
Allow existing firewalls and antivirus programs full access PS3 Media Server to the network.
To manually perform the desired settings corresponding to configuration settings of your computer and language preferences. Uncheck the box Keep DTS Audio in stream, if your system outputs the sound through the receiver. Settings Enhanced multicore support also untick if the computer's processor is only single core. Force networking on interface – select this option only if you have multiple active network cards. Number of cores used for transcoding – put here number of processor cores of your computer.
When you first start update the configuration of a Media Server through the network. The menu Shared Folders, select the folders that the Playstation 3 will be determined for viewing. The system is ready to use.