Get additional accessories to the console. These include primarily conventional keyboard with a USB interface. Some devices support USB-mouse - find out about this opportunity from the user. For the Wii may require additional accessories: SD card (storage browser) totaling exactly 512 MB (others may work unstable, and can store data on a USB thumb drive, the console is unable to), and the Wii Ethernet Kit (aka Wii LAN Adapter), because the console is equipped with only a wireless interface (WiFi) and wired LAN to connect directly can. The console can be quite serviceable - it may not work the drive disks; networking capabilities of the game console is not affected.
Do not attempt to use to connect games consoles to the Internet 3G-modems and other similar devices - despite the presence of the USB connectors, the device is not designed to work with accessories such. It is also recommended to refrain from using offered by the manufacturers of consoles special adapters allowing you to connect a gaming console to the Internet via your existing computer. First, these accessories are only compatible with Windows, and not all versions; and secondly, to turn on the computer whenever you need to go online with consoles, uncomfortable. Better buy a router - wired or wireless (if necessary with a built - in ADSL modem). Set it to automatically give out IP addresses via DHCP. Wireless router install password. Can also be installed on a smartphone connected to the Internet at an unlimited rate, the application for the so-called tethering (distribution of access to the Internet via WiFi). In this case the set password is also required.
Through the menus, toggle the console to automatic obtain an IP address from the router (depends on model). If you will use wired connection, connect the game console to the router by cable, compressed according to the direct circuit (in any case not the scheme of the crossover). The wireless connection to start a search for wireless access points and select the one that matches your router, then enter the password.
If you use PlayStation 3, start the embedded browser and try to visit any website. On the Wii browser will need to pre-download. Making sure the SD card is mounted, run "the shopping Channel", and select "Internet channel". Download it (it's free), install and run - this is a browser (based on Opera). It supports Flash technology to the seventh version inclusively, allowing you to run the game in a suitable format.